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Simple, sustainable investing takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears – not just smart technology.  But most importantly, you also need a lot of passion to explore new horizons with wiLLBe and our partners. More consistent. More human. For everyone.

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Many things make wiLLBe unique. From how we use technology to our low prices and the fact that your investments can still have an impact, even if you don’t have any specialist knowledge. However, two things really make us stand out: 160 years of experience in banking and, more importantly, our amazing wiLLBe team.

Learn more about the people who give wiLLBe its passion for detail and ambition to help make the world a better place for generations to come.

Here’s a quick introduction to the wiLLBe team:


wiLLBe is a team effort. Over the past few months, numerous teams have put their heart and soul into working on wiLLBe. Without this strong performance, the visionary digital wealth management solution would not have been possible. Each and every one has contributed with countless ideas and the irrepressible desire to make wiLLBe even better, simpler and more transparent.

«Without our employees at LLB, wiLLBe would not have been possible. I am extremely proud of the app - but even more so of the achievements of everyone in the wiLLBe crew. Many thanks to all of you!»
Portrait Wolfgang Mair
Wolfgang Mair
Programme manager at wiLLBe

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