Invest your money sustainably with wiLLBe – how to set up your account

Investing sustainably has never been so easy. In this guide, we’ll take you through the registration process in 15 minutes.

A tip before we start: have your ID card/passport and tax number to hand so you’re ready. We’ll create a securities account for you so you can invest.

1. Choose the investment topics close to your heart

You can get started as soon as you’ve downloaded the app. First, you’ll need to complete your investment profile. Choose from seven different investment topics to decide where you’d like to invest your money – you can pick as many as you like. wiLLBe is unique in this regard. You can find more information about the seven investment topics here.


2. Plan investment strategy

We evaluate your investment strategy so we can invest your money in a way that’s right for you. Tell us what country you live in and what currency you’d like to use for your investments, either Swiss francs (CHF) or euros (EUR). Plus, you can define your investment horizon. Here, you can choose between five options, ranging from less than 2 years to more than 8 years.


After this, we will ask a couple of questions to determine your risk tolerance and expectations in terms of returns. In general, the higher your anticipated returns, the higher the risk. Weigh them up carefully!


3. Confirm investment proposal

We will use your information to suggest a suitable investment strategy for you, ranging from Conservative to Equities. If you aren’t on board with our proposal, you can re-adjust your investment strategy. Our savings calculator offers you a rough estimate of how your investment is projected to develop.


4. Open investment account

Before you get going, you need to open an investment account. Keep your passport or ID to hand for this. After you’ve given us the necessary personal details, we’ll scan your ID.


Finally, we need to make sure that it’s really you. The app will scan your face to verify the information you’ve provided. This identification process takes 30 to 60 seconds, so make sure you won’t be interrupted. As soon as this check is successfully completed, you’ll receive a confirmation email which will include your contract. Now you’re all clear to start investing sustainably.


5. Invest sustainably

You’ve chosen your investment topics, defined your investment strategy and opened your investment account – it’s time to invest your money. Click on ‘Deposit’ to set up a one-off investment, starting from EUR / CHF 200. The projection will show you the expected returns once again.

Click on Next to go to the input form where you can enter the IBAN for your bank account. Enter your IBAN and confirm that you are the beneficial owner of this account. All done!

You will receive a summary via email, and you can then go to your personal bank account and transfer the outstanding sum. As soon as your investment has arrived at wiLLBe, we’ll invest it for you.

Tip: We undertake investments once a week, on Thursdays. If you want to get your money invested as quickly as possible, make sure your transfer is completed by Wednesday.

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