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Start saving sustainably with wiLLBe. With our free cash account at Liechtensteinische Landesbank, one of the safest universal banks in the world, you save from your first deposit. Benefit from advantageous interest rates of 3.80 % EUR, 1.55 % CHF and 4.75 % USD. Your money grows from day one, and you can withdraw it any time.

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Simple interest rate structure for all

Our interest rates are fair. It makes no difference whether you are just starting with wiLLBe or have been with us for a longer time. There are no limited terms and no introductory offers.

Our tiered interest rates are designed purely to minimise your currency risk.

Total depositsCHF accountEUR accountUSD account
up to 50,0001.55 %
3.80 %
4.75 %
up to 100,0001.25 %
3.50 %
4.45 %
from 100,0000.25 %0.25 %0.25 %

Interest rate scale

With wiLLBe you benefit from a quarterly interest payment on your cash account. The interest rate scale is applied as follows: If there is a balance of EUR 110,000 in a wiLLBe cash account, interest is applied as follows:

EUR 50,000 at 3.80 %EUR 1,900
EUR 50,000 at 3.50 %EUR 1,750
EUR 10,000 at 0.25 %EUR 25

Interest rate adjustments

The interest rates are valid until further notice. It’s likely that the interest rates could either increase or decrease in the event that one of the relevant central banks (CHF, SNB; EUR, ECB; USD, Fed) changes its key interest rate.

The wiLLBe cash account allows you to earn a fixed interest rate on money that you are not currently looking to invest. Whether you just want to park your savings somewhere for a while, or are looking to earn interest on them in order to fund future purchases, our cash account is the perfect home for your money.

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