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Investing in education secures the future of talented young people. Your donations allow Aiducation to help young people move their country forward.

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Give talented young people a helping hand

Aiducation has been around since 2007, so it’s still relatively young. But the organisation finances high school education for talented young people in developing countries. Aiducation also created the Global Young Leaders Alliance, which is a platform that promotes exchange between its scholarship holders and other talented young people in developing countries. The results speak for themselves: in 2019 alone, former scholarship holders founded 22 start-ups.

Aiducation - Students

Build a future with better decisions

wiLLBe is a talent too, a very young talent with a bright future – we’re sure of it. And we want to keep believing in the future. That’s why we’re investing in youth and education. And perhaps a talented young person will one day go on to create something as innovative and valuable as ... wiLLBe.

Together with Aiducation, we’re addressing two of our biggest concerns in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): education and equal opportunity (SDGs 4, 5 and 10) as well as sustainable living and working (SDGs 3, 8 and 12). But we’re also sure that education helps promote and further all of the SDGs. Because the more you know, the better decisions you make in life. More sustainable decisions.

«Investing in education for talented young people is investing in the future. Of course, you need a certain amount of optimism. wiLLBe Invest doesn’t just exude start-up spirit – it’s also giving talented young people the confidence to believe in their ideas.»

Help make a difference in young people’s education

Our promise: wiLLBe is always completely transparent about where and how your donation is used, such as whether you have you sent a child to a full day of school with EUR / CHF 10 or a lesson for EUR / CHF 2.