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Offset your footprint the smart way: destroy CO₂ by donating to Compensators – because polluting the environment should be expensive.

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Join researchers who believe that no one on the market has the right to pollute

Compensators defines itself as ‘the smart way to offset your carbon footprint. Together we’re buying CO₂ away from European industry.’ Compensators was founded in 2006 as a non-profit association powered by volunteers. Its goal is to cancel excess emission allowances in the European Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). The fewer emission allowances on the market, the lower CO₂ emissions have to be. Compensators also provides educational courses and sessions about the ETS, which is Europe’s main tool for fighting climate change.

Offsetting is smart – and that suits us perfectly

Compensators is striving to achieve important Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) relating to environmental protection, namely clean energy (SDG 7) and climate protection measures (SDG 13). What we like most about Compensators though is their indirect approach. By buying up emission allowances and taking them off the market, Compensators is ensuring that it will be more expensive to pollute in the future. Smart, isn’t it? wiLLBe likes smart.

Our focus on long-term impact is smart too. In the short term, your CO₂ balance may fall short of the benchmark. But not to worry because at the end of the year wiLLBe undertakes to offset any portfolios that have a negative CO₂ footprint in compared to benchmark, using partners like Compensators.

«wiLLBe Invest is using our methods to offset CO2 emissions in their sustainability portfolios, which has helped us move one step closer to achieving our goals.»

Reduce CO₂ directly by donating to Compensators

Our promise: wiLLBe is always completely transparent about where and how your donation is used; have you destroyed a tonne of CO₂ or just 100 kg? We always let you know how much it costs (currently EUR 11 per 100 kg). The wiLLBe app shows you your portfolio’s CO₂ emissions and how it has changed against the benchmark.

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