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Set sail with wiLLBe Invest and support the aid organisation Mercy Ships, which works to give people in Africa better access to healthcare.

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The floating hospital

Mercy Ships is an international aid organisation that was founded in Switzerland in 1978 and which has been running hospital ships in developing countries ever since. Volunteers from more than 60 countries work on these ships, paying for their own accommodation and catering.

Each year the organisation carries out more than 2,500 operations, receives more than 10,000 patients in its dental clinic, and trains around 1,280 experts on-site. And that’s how Mercy Ships manages to operate a floating hospital in Africa: the volunteer crew provide life-changing surgery as well as medical training and infrastructure renovations to support local health services.

A new ship will be launched in 2022 with 1,000 volunteers, six operating theatres and almost 200 hospital beds, joining the existing ship which has five operating theatres and 82 hospital beds.

Have Mercy and do something with it

We feel connected to Mercy Ships on many levels: compassion is a virtue. But compassion alone won’t help anyone. Luckily Mercy Ships knows what it’s doing. The NPO loads its ship up with compassion, as well as the people and equipment you need if you want to bring change. Mercy Ships’ mission supports one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that’s central to our own commitments: healthcare and medicine (SDG 3).

Mercy Ships go directly to wherever their equipment, crew and expertise can make a difference. The organisation is a great example of what we aim to achieve with our sustainability strategy and donations: use our expertise to make a real, discernible impact in the places where we can make a real difference. But also to show our customers how specific investments and donations are making significant contributions to shaping a better world.

«With its pioneering spirit, wiLLBe Invest has set sail for a new type of donating that also benefits people in the ports where our ships dock.»
Mercy Ships
Mercy Ships - Doctors with Baby

Help improve the lives and health of countless people

Our promise: wiLLBe is always completely transparent about where and how your donation is used. That could be EUR / CHF 50 on an eye examination for a pair of siblings or dental treatment for their mother, or an orthopaedic operation for their grandfather.

Mercy Ships - Ship