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    Invest sustainably with wiLLBe Invest.

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Sustainable investing with wiLLBe Invest

Use our investment app to invest in companies that are committed to a better world. Build a portfolio for both a sustainable future and long-term returns. Profit from 160 years of banking experience, award-winning asset management and attractive fees.

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Invest in topics your heart beats for

Clean water

Invest in clean water to create hygienic conditions for people and the environment.

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Climate and environmental protection

Help fight climate change by investing in climate and environmental protection.

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Clean energy

The world needs more renewable energy! But that requires more research and innovation.

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Sustainable living and working

Sustainable economic growth contributes to a better future.

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Sustainable use of resources

Natural resources are limited but the circular economy offers opportunities.

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Healthcare and medicine

Invest in medical research and healthcare for both people and animals.

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Education and equal opportunity

Help further equal opportunity and invest in education for all.

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