• Sustainable resources: because sustainability is much more than just a lifestyle.

Invest in the sustainable use of resources and profit

From veggie burgers to electric cars, there are all kinds of ways to lead a sustainable life. You and your investments can promote the sustainable use of resources around the world.

Painting the world green(er)

From plastic in the sea to extraction of raw materials in conflict zones, our consumption is primarily to blame for the harm inflicted on ecosystems. Natural resources are finite and we currently consume more than our planet provides. We’re putting our environment under enormous strain and putting our living space at risk.

We need to use our natural resources carefully to preserve our planet for future generations. We can all help in our own small way by taking a more conscious and sustainable approach to what we consume on a daily basis.

But for real change, and to reduce the consumption of raw materials, we need companies that...

  • support the sustainable use of resources;
  • implement new concepts like the circular economy; and
  • search for innovative energy solutions.

In other words, companies that enable a more sustainable, resource-efficient world in the long term. You and your conscious decision to make sustainable investments are vital in furthering this positive momentum.

These are just a few of the areas in which the selected companies work. Our asset managers review individual investments, looking to support companies that are likely to provide good returns while also taking into account ESG criteria and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals published by the UN under its Agenda 2030.

Investments for a better future

The world’s natural resources are finite. We have to live as sustainably as possible, conserving and using natural resources more carefully and intelligently, to ensure the world remains liveable for our children and grandchildren. We need to turn away from non-renewable resources, such as fossil fuels and coal, and move towards renewables, such as water and wind.

Using resources sustainably also means not over-exploiting renewable materials, such as forests, so they can continue to regenerate. Reusing processed materials is also incredibly important; we need to recycle as much as possible instead of simply throwing things away. The circular economy, as it is known, will grow considerably in the coming years.

The A to Z of sustainability – here’s how to invest.

Sustainable production that still generates a profit. Is that possible? We put our energy into researching and evaluating international companies that do all they can to master this balancing act. Instead of choosing a portfolio of individual stocks yourself, you can trust our investment experts to select companies that are good for the world and good for your returns.

We’ve identified the following companies that focus on using resources sustainably:

  • Acciona S.A.*
  • Lindsay Corporation*
  • Waste Management Inc.*

*Legal notice

You can find more information on these companies on the wiLLBe app, where you can invest in sustainable use of resources with as little as EUR / CHF 200. Help ensure that our planet remains a home for generations to come!

Get to know the other 6 investment topics

Sustainable use of resources is not the only topic you can invest in. Learn more about our other 6 topics and invest where you see fit. All topics are based on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Clean water

Invest in clean water to create hygienic conditions for people and the environment.

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Climate and environmental protection

Help fight climate change by investing in climate and environmental protection.

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Clean energy

The world needs more renewable energy! But that requires more research and innovation.

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Sustainable living and working

Sustainable economic growth contributes to a better future.

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Healthcare and medicine

Invest in medical research and healthcare for both people and animals.

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Education and equal opportunity

Help further equal opportunity and invest in education for all.

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