Sustainable investment at the best rates – wiLLBe Invest makes it happen

You can now invest your money sustainably almost anywhere. But only wiLLBe Invest lets you profit from 160 years of banking experience, the latest technology and the best terms. How does it work? Let’s have a look.

The best from the world of investing

wiLLBe brings together the best features of various established investing solutions. This means personalised, sustainable investments with a completely transparent portfolio. You don’t need any specialist knowledge, and you’re even entitled to dividends.

Another factor that separates wiLLBe from other digital providers is the award-winning investment expertise provided by Liechtensteinische Landesbank. The table below details all the advantages you can enjoy with wiLLBe (compared with other solutions) for an investment of EUR / CHF 2.000.

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*for an investment of EUR / CHF 2.000

wiLLBe’s annual fee is 0.49 %, regardless of the volume of your assets. Third-party costs are charged on top of this so that we can offer a broadly diversified portfolio for your sustainable investments. These third-party costs are beyond our control and vary depending on the specific portfolio or country of residence. However, we do everything we can to keep costs as low as possible for you.

wiLLBe sample portfolio - that you need to know

The wiLLBe portfolios allow investing according to impact criteria. We measure the impact on the basis of the implicit temperature path, the CO₂ emissions per invested EUR / CHF and the energy consumption per invested EUR / CHF. This process enables private investors to leave their mark with their investments. Our award-winning asset management identifies investments in the asset classes bonds, individual stocks and funds. Typically, different instruments appear in a portfolio, maximizing the impact on the one hand and the diversification of the portfolio on the other hand.


The individual stocks in the impact universe are characterized by excellent climate performance. Typically, they are small- and mid-cap companies with a unique product that is critical in one of the 7 selected themes. Sustainable stocks are also mixed into the portfolios to create the most optimally diversified portfolios possible. These are the sustainable stock recommendations for our private banking clients. We buy «fractional shares» for you: You are entitled to dividends on a pro rata basis.

Depending on the choice of themes, we also buy equity funds if we think that they allow you to invest better in a theme. These funds must always meet strict criteria. Diversification is very important to us, which is why we also consider alternative funds. For example, we are currently investing in a bond fund that hedges against natural risks while offering returns. A diversified portfolio also includes bonds.

Let’s talk fees

wiLLBe is simple, no-frills investing. This also applies to our fees.

The annual fee is just 0.49 %, so if you invest EUR / CHF 2.000 as managed assets, the annual fee is EUR / CHF 9.80 – regardless of the size of your portfolio. External costs also apply. These allow us to offer you a highly diversified yet profitable portfolio for your sustainable investments. These third-party costs, covering things like fees for suitable products, are beyond our control. We pass these costs on to you without a mark-up as they arise. That’s it. And we regularly check that we are offering you the most favourable fees possible.

wiLLBe Invest cost breakdown at a glance

Example investment CHF

Example investment EUR

wiLLBe Invest fee

LLB service costs include:

  • Active asset management
  • Personal account in Liechtenstein
  • Continuous profit and risk management
  • Targeted investment purchases and sales
  • Unlimited deposits and withdrawals
  • Personal technical support

Third-party costs

Taxes and fees are payable in certain countries on investment purchases and sales.

Product costs

We use funds to invest cost-effectively in many companies/countries and therefore reduce your risk.

Foreign exchange costs

Our team of investment experts, who together have more than 700 years of professional experience, look for attractive investments in various countries and currencies to keep your portfolio diversified and secure.

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*Note on third-party, product and foreign exchange costs:

- wiLLBe unfortunately has no control over these costs.
- Actual costs may therefore differ from the amounts stated.
- If third-party costs are lower, you pay less.
- Third-party costs are carefully checked and estimated by LLB.

LLB assumes no liability for the completeness or correctness of the information provided. LLB’s legal notices apply; you can view them at