• Education and equal opportunity: better prospects for all, including your portfolio.

Invest your money for the benefit of all – the world and your portfolio

Knowledge is power. But not everyone has the same educational opportunities. We allow you to make targeted investments in education and equal opportunities. You not only improve living conditions around the world and throughout society, you also reap the rewards.

Let your investment give everyone the same opportunities

Vocational training improves living standards. This sounds self-evident in our part of the world, but it’s not the case everywhere. Educational systems differ greatly around the world, and these differences, whether in early childhood education or further training for adults, have an impact on professional prospects.

The UN takes a clear line here: we need to promote education and equal opportunity on a global basis. That’s why education is one of the key Sustainable Development Goals on its political agenda. Because who wouldn’t want to help a child turn their dream into a career?

Basic training and vocational education are the foundations for higher quality of life, which we need to extend to all children and adults, regardless of their nationality, place of residence, wealth, gender, social status, cultural background and physical or mental disabilities. Companies the world over are working on this, building infrastructure and learning platforms, awarding scholarships and offering targeted support to minorities.

A world of equal opportunities? It’s in your hands

Investing in education and equal opportunity means working towards a safer, healthier world and the well-being of society as a whole. The primary goal is equality, so that in the long term, social background becomes irrelevant and social inequalities are minimised. That’s why we invest in companies that care about the education of children, young people and adults. The aim is to improve equality of opportunity, in particular for the poorest and most disadvantaged.

Thanks to our selection of investment opportunities, you can show your commitment to ensuring that girls and boys, women and men, can enjoy equal access to training and vocational education, and young people and adults can find dignified work. They also help build educational institutions (from primary schools to universities) that reflect the needs of all ages, abilities and genders, so that everyone can learn in a safe, non-violent, inclusive and diverse environment.

Our selection of companies embraces everything from educational loans to school infrastructure

Show your commitment to society by investing in education and equal opportunity; you’ll be contributing to better quality of life around the world while also generating returns. Now, that’s smart.

Our investment experts have identified the following companies with a particular focus on education and equal opportunities:

  • Pearson Plc*
  • Upwork Inc.*
  • Telia Company AB*

*Legal notice

You can find more information on these companies on the wiLLBe app, where you can invest in education and equal opportunity with as little as EUR / CHF 200. Support social change and make the world a little fairer!

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